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How Social Media Managers Can Help

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

If you've ever wondered what a social media manager can do for you, this blog is for you!

A cell phone screen with the Instagram app open.

One: Let the professionals do what they do best.

Just like your company is an expert in your field, The Sparrow Collective is a master at what we do, social media. Your posts should have more strategy behind them if you'd like to find growth through social media. We spend hours researching your competitors, analyzing your monthly reports, and doing thorough hashtag research to make sure each post is optimized.

We also keep up with the trends and algorithms! Sure you hear a ton about algorithms, but how often are you actually looking into what you should be changing to show up on the algorithm better? This is part of our day-to-day, so it's something we are up to date on every month.

We know what we're doing and how to do it best, so instead of guessing; hand it off to the experts and let us do our thing!

Two: You can focus on revenue + your business.

Every business owner has a goal, to make money. Right?! Social media management can be time-consuming for a busy business owner, and often it suffers because of that lack of time. Instead of trying to post on social media (probably inconsistently) here and there, you can let The Sparrow Collective handle it all so that you can handle the day-to-day of your business.

Now, social media can be a form of revenue! So don't put it on the back burner! You still want to try to utilize it as an additional way to get leads, but usually, busy business owners have other things they can focus on besides social media.

Three: You don't have to hire in-house.

You know marketing is important. You can certainly have an in-house employee handle this task but, why not outsource?

  • You don't have to pay traditional payroll taxes/fees.

  • You can let go of a company easily if they aren't up to par.

  • You don't have to worry about managing the employee!

  • You don't have to deal with any HR set up/issues.

It's important to remember that employees come with maintenance! Vacation time, sick time, clocking in late, HR issues, performance reviews, etc. When you outsource using a social media management company you eliminate 99% of those tasks. If you aren't happy, hire a different company! It makes the management of your social media less work for you!

Four: Keep your brand + posting consistent.

You are building a brand with your company. You want people to recognize your business like Nike, Target, and Coca-Cola. In order to do this, your social media needs to follow suit. Your fonts need to be consistent, your style, your colors, all need to be consistent! This helps your followers and prospective clients start to recognize you. They will, in turn, think about your business when they need those products or services!

Posting inconsistently in quantity hurts your chances of showing up on the algorithm. So making sure that you are posting with the same frequency is a must, and for a business owner that usually isn't a priority. By hiring a company to handle your social media for you, you are guaranteed to have this consistency which will allow you to feel confident in the quality of your social media.

Five: We handle reviewing analytics!

Sure, you can look at all of the graphs and data and try to understand it all, but we take one glance and know exactly what we're looking at.

We will review your analytics and tell you how you can improve each month, instead of just guessing!

We'll leave you with this.

Try it.

There is no reason you shouldn't. If you're unhappy, you cancel, but if you are happy it could alleviate stress in your life and help your business grow in the world of social media.


The Sparrow Collective

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