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Why Florists Should Be Blogging

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

So many photos are sent to florists, and you usually pick out the very best ones and post them to social media. Where can you send a bride to see a wedding from start to finish? From centerpieces, arches, boutonnieres, to bouquets?

Your blog!

Social Media manager working on a blog - Pink background with laptop and a womans hands typing on it.

Ways your blog can help you gain clients.

We are visual beings. Your clients want to see what their wedding or event can look like. That's what attracts them to book you.

Photographer taking images for a social media manger

Tip: You can post information in your blog post about the vendors you like to work with, which will allow you to push those vendors to your brides. This in turn, will hopefully get you more bookings with vendors you love working with.

Here’s the reasons why you should be blogging:

  1. It's a portfolio

  2. You can send the blogs to clients saying they want "this color palette"

  3. Your prospective clients will be inspired

  4. It's a way to keep all of your photos in one place

  5. It attracts brides that are searching for inspiration

Bride: "I really want to do spray painted babysbreath"

Florist: "Great, here's a blog we did for another wedding that had tons of spray-painted babysbreath, how do you feel about doing something similar to those centerpeices"

Before you know it, your prospective clients will feel more fulfilled, and you will save time guessing what styles they'd like, or even how much product to use if you guide them to a wedding you've already done!

Do it, just like Nike my friend.

Or let us do it for you...


The Sparrow Collective

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