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Social Media Content Ideas for Wedding Florists

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

When you're busy with floral orders, emails from brides, and arranging itself, there isn't much free time to worry about your social media, am I right?!

Bride with bridesmaids at Ethereal Garden Venue in Southern California

Here are a few ideas for content that will attract potential clients:



Jiggle it.

Brides like it bouncy, so bounce, babe, bounce.

It's a great way to double-check your work and ensure you don't have any holes or empty spots. There would be nothing more satisfying than an Instagram full of bouncing bouquets. (Sigh!)

Even if you don't have time to take a video, post photos of brides or yourself holding your bridal bouquets to give your potential clients a vision of how large they usually are and the shape you like to design in. When you post these photos, I suggest adding some information to inform your potential client; here's a caption example for the photo below:

"Say Hello to the stunning, Mrs. Bollinger.

This Palm Springs bride may have married in November, but her wedding was HOT, and no, I'm not talking about the temperature.

Lucky me to get these amazing peonies."

Now your client understands that in November, they may be able to expect these florals, but in February, that may not be the case. By putting a bit of information about the seasons and flower ability trickled in, you're really helping potential clients to be informed about their florals, hence making your life easier!

Bride in beaded white gown with bouquet of pink flowers.



Show those BTS

Many people have no idea how much work it takes to be a floral designer, especially in the wedding industry. So don't be afraid to make a reel about scrubbing buckets and using a heat gun to clean your candle holders.

Check out Sarah from Mulberry and Moss clean her hurricane candle holders, which had over 36k views, see that reel here.

Alternatively, here are some BTS ideas:

  • Show off your ribbon selection

  • Cleaning Buckets

  • Prepping Candles

  • Prepping Vases

  • Carrying buckets full of flowers

  • Packing your supplies for an event

  • What you keep in your floral bag

  • Processing flowers

  • De-petaling roses

  • Making a corsage or bout.

  • Show your rentals



Post answers to email questions

Girl with black hair working on a laptop on a desk in front of her with coffee and a notebook on the table.

I know this one might seem a bit odd, but if one bride asks a question, chances are, another one is thinking the same exact thing.

Here are some common questions for wedding florists:

  1. Do you pin the boutonnières?

  2. Will you move my arch pieces after the ceremony?

  3. How much time do you need for set up?

  4. Do you know someone who preserves bouquets?

  5. Can you add something sentimental to my bouquet wrap?

  6. Do you provide flower girl baskets?

  7. Why can't I reuse my bridesmaid's bouquets as centerpieces?

  8. What happens to the flowers at the end of the night?

  9. Do my bouquets include vases to keep them in?

  10. Do you place the cake flowers, or is that my baker?

Make a carousel post (multi-image post) on Canva, or just post a beautiful picture of a cake and answer the question about placing cake flowers in your caption. Answering these questions on Instagram and Facebook allows you to educate people while creating interesting content to look at!


If you don't have the time, consider outsourcing your social media.

Just think, if hiring a social media manager helps book you (ONE) wedding that month, it pays for itself.

Xoxo, The Sparrow Collective

Shelia and Allyson Sparrow standing together smiling.

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