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Creating Content With Intention

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

How many of us have grabbed a photo of something related to our business, popped in a basic caption, and pressed post?

Curated social media feed. Multiple different images that portray an Instagram feed.

There are many things you should be thinking about before you post.

From hashtags to competitors, to the captions; you should have a well-balanced post before pressing "post."


The new world way of searching! It's true, even platforms such as LinkedIn have begun using hashtags more prevalently.

Maybe you thought hashtags were so 2017, but they're making a comeback. They were never really "dead" but they're definitely being utilized more and more in the social media world today.

It's important to stick to these few rules:

  • 2-3 Location hashtags

  • 2-3 Large/Popular hashtags

  • 2-3 Niche hashtags

  • 2-3 Hashtags specifically about that post

By following these 4 hashtag rules, you can create a healthy balance for each of your posts.

Florescent hashtag sign hanging on a wall with a bottle of cleaner below that says clean freak.

Enticing Photos + Graphics

Your graphics or photos should be something that is enticing for your prospective customers to look at.

Start imagining yourself as them. What do they want to see? What interests them? Start creating and posting content that will make them stop and pay attention!


We are creatures of habit, and our generations keep wanting things simpler, more attractive, and quicker.

By creating spacing between your captions, you are basically bullet-pointing your thoughts!

This will help those people who "skim" still get the basic idea of what you are saying.

Be Thoughtful

It's true, your posts should solve a problem, answer a question, or give helpful information. You need to think like your clients. What questions do they have that you might be able to answer?

Start creating content that has intention behind it.

  • Does this help inform?

  • Is it something my future clients would find interesting?

  • Does it help my client in general?

  • Is it relevant for my clients?

  • Is it providing fun facts or entertainment?

When you are creating things to post on your page you should try to incorporate all of the above to keep your readers interested and coming back for more.

Until next time.


The Sparrow Collective

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